2019 Eagle Cap Changes

Eagle Cap Model year changes


All Models – Interior Decor’s continued for 2019 – We hired Interior designers last year and those designs were so well received we  have carried them over for 2019 décors 1. Denim – Grey tone 2. Domino – Brown tone w/SL (Simulated Leather)

2019 Domino Interior SL Decor

2019 Denim Interior Decor

2019 Eagle Cap 811 Dinette – Domino Decor

2019 Eagle Cap 960 dinette – Denim Decor

Discontinued Models – 850 is discontinued

Eagle Cap Model year changes

All Models – Keyless entry system, We have added the Bauer keyless entry door lock/deadbolt

All Models – New Thermoformed Countertops and residential style stainless steel undermount sinks

All Models New Oval design LED tail light, newer design and look.

All Models New Jensen Stereo system, JWM70A has many new upgrades and features like app controllable, HDMI connectivity, front 1 amp USB charge port and clock with alarm/sleep timer to name a few.

All Models Exterior mood lighting – LED lighting under exterior offsets.

All Models 12V/USB charging station in bedroom & Dinette plus 1 amp USB charge port on the new stereo face.

All models New Roof Mount Digital TV/Radio Antenna, Omni directional dome design with no adjustment or directional tuning needed.

1160, 1165 – New Stainless Steel vanity bowl sink, replacing white plastic.

1160, 1165 – Relocate city water hook up to driver’s/service side.

1160, 1165, and 1200 – Added Padded carpet on the floor in the bedroom area.

811 & 960 Comfort Step bumper upgrade, Comfort Step Bumpers now has two way steps treads, meaning when you fold the step up in travel position it is now finished off as a flat step plate on both sides.

811 – Reversed Refer Door, rearranged the refer door to open from the left side, easier access from the galley.

960 – Added Camper Caddy storage system as standard on bedroom front wall.

1200 – Dropping freestanding table & chairs, sofa in rear and side slide is now standard, optional theater seating option is still available but only in the driver’s side slide.



************* LAST YEARS MODEL YEAR (2018) CHANGES *************

2018 Eagle Cap Changes

Eagle Cap Model year changes


New – All Models – New Interior Designer interiors – We hired Interior designers this year and they have come up with two new interior décors 1. Denim – Grey tone 2. Domino – Brown tone w/SL (Simulated Leather)

2018 Domino Interior SL Decor

2018 Denim Interior Decor

2018 Eagle Cap 811 Dinette – Domino Decor

2018 Eagle Cap 960 dinette – Denim Decor

New – All Models – New Magnetic Exterior baggage door catches – No more plastic catches that break. Now easier opening and holding open of exterior baggage compartment doors. (Right)


New – All Models – Upgraded Brushed Nickel Fixtures and cabinet hardware –Providing an even richer look this year in the galley… (left)

New – All Models – Full Extension “Soft/Self Closing” drawer glides – Smoother

operation plus self closing feature. When combined with our new magnetic catches it helps keep your drawers closed during travel and if by chance they do pull open the self closing feature allows them to close again on their own. (right)




New – 1160/1165 – Upgraded Brushed Nickel Fixtures – in the Bathroom and shower – The new brushed nickel faucets, shower valve, head and hose really add an additional touch of elegance to these models. (right)






Upgraded – All Slide-Outs – New Awning slide toppers, wider along with a new anti-billowing feature keeping awning toppers tightly closed during travel. (below)



New Innovation – Theater Seating Upgrade – Laptop/Dining Swing-away tables

These new custom designed swing away tables are a great addition to our already popular industry exclusive Theater Seating Recliner option. They easily swing out of the way to get in and out of your recliners, swing back in place allowing you to set in your recliners and work on your laptop, eat dinner, play games or just recline and read your favorite book… all in the comfort of your recliners. Now with this new feature your recliners are BETTER THAN HOME… (below)





Discontinued – U-Shaped Dinette option – Deleted for 2018 no longer available. Wasn’t ordered that often and customer complaints of not enough room for feet caused its demise…





LAST YEARS – 2017  Model Year Change (Last Year)

Complete new interiors for 20172017 EC850 Galley (1)

  • New – interior wood color – Glazed Broad Maple Grey
  • New – interior wall panel – Scout Greystone
  • New – interior accent panel – Hemlock Pepper
  • New – interior floor covering – Matching new interior décor – wood grain style
  • New – Stainless Steel appliances, Refer door insert and Nickel interior hardware & faucets
  • New – Chrome Mosaic backsplash in galley
  • New – Three new interior fabric choices

Riverstone SL (simulated leather) – Brown/Grey tone

Twilight – Grey/brown tone

Prada – Charcoal/Green tone

2017 EC Riverstone SL Decor 1

Riverstone SL Interior

2017 Twilight decor

Twilight Interior

2017 EC Prada Decor

Prada Interior







New – Exterior nose cap accent color – Grey2017 EC 850 New Cap Color (1)



New – Additional solar panel option saving you money when adding more than one solar panel

New – “Digi Level” Tank monitor – Precision-probe-less tank monitoring system2017 EC Digi Level monitor 2







1200 – New – Add shelving/cabinet behind toilet in bath for more storage

              Change – Changing depth of Sofa Seating so it will fit into the rear slide on the 1200 (Theater       seating still will not fit in the rear slide of the 1200)

 1160, 1165, 1200 – New Bedroom TV – 28” replacing the obsolete 24” TV


2017 1160 & 1165 pantry closet & Drawer (1)2017 1160 & 1165 pantry closet & Drawer (2)1160 & 1165 – New – entry door wardrobe now comes standard with adjustable shelves so you can use this wardrobe as a pantry or for hanging garmentsgarments as the hanging rack is still installed, now you can use it either way. The lower door is now a pull out drawer making more storage and easier access.

  Eagle Cap Built Like None Other!