2016 Eagle Cap Model Year Changes

This year we have made minimal changes to the record setting 2015 Eagle Cap model line up.

Please review 2016 changes listed below.

Changes on all Models

New – Simulated padded ceiling – looks like padded leather for a rich new look, butSimulated Padded Ceiling (4) easier to clean than the old Ozite Fabric headliner and eliminates the Ozite in the shower area.



LED lighted awnings

2016 Lighted LED Elec Awning

New – LED lights added in the power awning options, giving you additional lighting under your awning when extended, not to mention a new cool look.




2016 EC Mood lighting

New – Interior Mood lighting… Some have nicknamed it SBL because of it’s blue LED colors, really cool new standard feature for 2016.



New – Pull out Galley faucet, for easier use and functionality.


New – Seadek color on all bumpers, helping to reduce the discoloration and additional cleaning required from asphalt foot traffic and normal use.


New – Expandable shower curtain rod for more shower room when showering. (on all dry bath models only)

Expandable shower curtain rod Dry Bath Shower Curtain Rod


New – Inner coil spring pillow top mattress, replacing the micro-fiber for better comfort and longevity.


New – 3 new interior color choices

Stone Decor

2016 Eagle Cap Stone Decor – Brown Tone

Eagle Cap Infinity Decor

2016 Eagle Cap Infinity Decor – Brg/Brn Tone

EC Pewter Decor

2016 Eagle Cap Pewter Decor – Gray Tone


New – We have changed our solar pre-wiring and panels to “Go Power”

Go Power Solar Pre-wire location tagThis change allows for an easier installation add on at the dealer level or an easy upgrade if you choose to add additional panels down the road… This is all made possible with Go Powers “Plug n Play” wiring system. Another added bonus is we negotiated a lower price.



Discontinued features or options for 2016

  • Ext BBQ quick disconnect

  • Ozite fabric headliner

  • Ext GFI plug, on few models that still had it.

  • Accessory items, trash can, silverware tray and I-pod shelf by stereo.

Individual model changes

960  – Changes

  • New – Full width overhead book/storage shelf in the bedroom.

  • New – Expandable shower curtain rod for more shower room when showering.

1160  – Changes

  • New – Hinged TV bracket for the Living room 32” TV, so now it can swing out to be seen from both the dinette and sofa areas.

  • New – Expandable shower curtain rod for more shower room when showering.

1165  – Changes

  • New – One piece fiberglass Tub/Shower, we were able to make modifications to add the much requested 1160 Tub/Shower fit into the 1165. This is a nice addition as this was one of the few items customers have requested we change. We Did It!

  • New – Hinged TV bracket for the Living room 32” TV, so now it can swing out to be seen from both the dinette and sofa areas.

  • New – Expandable shower curtain rod for more shower room when showering.

New – Industry leading floorplan coming soon… so stay tuned!

Last Years 2015 Changes

The 2015 Eagle Cap was reviewed form the ground up and many changes were designed into the “Next Generation” Eagle Caps.

We had two goals in mind

1. Reduce weight… Eagle Cap has lost hundreds of Pounds! The first 2015 production 1165 weighed in at 416 pounds lighter than the same equipped 2014 model, stay tuned to our website to see the weights of all of our models as they come of line!

2.Continue Eagle Caps claim of being “Built Like none Other”… We think we did it! Look below to see the many changes, new features, new technologies, upgrades and see if you agree!

New – One Piece Fiberglass Front Cap Design…

2015 Eagle Cap one-piece  fiberglass cap  (3)

Eagle Cap Truck Campers are known for there “High End” industry leading features such as our one-piece fiberglass front caps. Eagle Cap has redesigned their front caps for 2015 to provide more contoured aerodynamic design featuring Eagle Cap exclusive two-tone gel coat finish, giving the new “Next Generation” Eagle Caps a bolder new look for 2015! These new designer fiberglass caps are engineered to fit perfectly to the contour of the camper providing a perfect match to the TCC aluminum frame construction providing a tight secure fit to the camper. All attachment screws are covered with the new “3M Extreme Seal”® tape providing  a second to none front cap seal as you can see below.

New Eagle Cap One Piece Fiberglass Cap 3M Extreme Seal close-up


3M Extreme Sealing Tape Logo

Upgrade – Rear Wall Now Built With Our Exclusive TCC® Construction and 3-Year Structural Warranty…

We have upgraded the rear wall construction on the “Next Generation” rear entry Eagle Cap models to our TCC® Lamilux 4000, Laminated rear wall thus dropping the one-piece rear fiberglass cap and saving approximately 150lbs on this one change alone. Our proprietary TCC® construction comes with our 3-Year structural warranty and a completely bonded and sealed one-piece rear wall… looks great, stronger and better sealed rear wall!

New Schwintek Slide Mechanisms…

Schwintek Slide  Schwintek slide rail close-up

Schwintek slides have been out for quite awhile, we here at ALP have been testing them for several years and we feel this slide mechanism, after several changes by the manufacturer, are now convinced this is the slide mechanism for the “Next Generation” Eagle Cap. This slide mechanism provides a smoother operation, less power draw, better slide seal system and allows for a lower distance to floors for better seating comfort in dinettes, sofa and our optional Theater Seating.

Eagle Cap Exclusive – Modular Dinette Furniture


Eagle Cap Modular U-Shaped dinette Modular Dinette sectionModular Dream dinetteAn exciting feature for the 2015 Eagle Caps are the new Modular Dinette furniture. The dinette seating is now a modular design, meaning the seat cushion sections are designed to work as a face to face dinette or as a u-shaped dinette. To make into a u-shaped dinette you simple remove the table, add the modular insert and the u-shaped “D” style table and now you have a u-shaped dinette. Best of all our engineering department designed the dinette areas so that our sofa or our optional Theater Seating will fit into this same area simply by unscrewing the dinette modular sections, remove the table and install one of the above options. Want something other than that in your dinette area? Order without the dinette and add what ever you wish, free standing table and chairs, desk, bunk beds you name it! We don’t offer those options as of yet but you could add them aftermarket…

New – 32″ TV Option…32" TV Option

We have had many requests for a larger TV in our 1160 and 1165 models and since we use 12v RV grade TV’s we have not found a manufacturer that meet this criteria. well guess what Jensen heard our request and has now provided us with our new 32″ HD 12v TV! Our engineering and production team had to pull another rabbit out of there hat to make it fit… but guess what when you have the best design/production team on the planet they find a way to make it work, they don’t like the word no! Even when they have to say no, it bugs them and usually down the road or next model year they figure it out! So welcome to the new 32″ TV Option replacing last years 24″ TV option. Thank you Engineering/Production Team!

New – 12V / USB Charging Center…

USB/12v charging centerThe world is changing, we have more electronics, gadgets and toys and you have requested the ability to have a charging center in your camper, well we listened in the new design of the “New Generation” Eagle cap by adding a Charging Center featureing not just a 12v power outlet but it also includes a second  USB port for charging USB direct.Bluetooth Stereo

New – Bluetooth Enabled Stereo…

The new Jensen stereo is not only RV/Marine ready to handle the rigors of an RV applications but is now equipped with Bluetooth capability. Now all you have to do is pair your phone, i-pod or MP3 player and stream your favorite music through your stereo… wow the latest technologies are now in your “Next Generation” Eagle Cap! 

New – Molded Sink Bowls…

Molded bowl Galley sinksNew for 2015 on all Eagle Cap models, we have added molded bowl sinks to the Galley solid surface counter tops adding an additional high end feature to the “Next Generation” Eagle Caps!


Low Profile Coleman Mach 8 ACNew – Low Profile Air Conditioner… 

New Option for Eagle Cap for 2015 is the new Coleman Mach 8 HE (High Effeciancy) 13,500btu Low Profile A/C giving you more BTU’s, better cooling and as you can see here in this photo in the distance, a much lower height over the standard A/C.

 New – Slam Latches on all Exterior Compartment doors…

Slam Latches rear of EC 1165

Slam Latches Eagle Cap Truck Campers New on Eagle Cap truck campers for 2015 are the all new “Slam Latches”… it’s name says it all, drop the door and it “slams” shut and latches or you can simply gently press it shut for an easy one handed closure. The best part of the new slam latches is the ease of opening. Simply lift up the single lever handle with one hand and open your compartment door. This makes it easier to load and unload leaving one hand open to carry your items with out having to set them down to open the door. Another great feature is single keyed lock so it is easier to lock and unlock and best of all it is not the standard 751 key all Rv’ers have so your cargo is more secure. Check them out at your local dealer.

New Addition – Passenger side bedroom window…
Interior Pass side window viewExt view of Pass Side EC window

You asked… and we listened. New addition for 2015 on all Eagle Caps is the passenger side bedroom window for that cross ventilation you have asked for. Notice on the interior we have added a nice easy access storage under the night stand for more storage and on some models we have added a nice drawer as you see here in this 1165 photo.

New – Slide out basement storage trays…

New sliding basement storage trayNew for 2015 on all rear entry Eagle Cap truck campers (850, 960 & 995)  is a sliding basement storage tray allowing for easy basement storage. This was a much asked for upgrade by you our Eagle Cap customers… again another customer driven suggestion!


New – Residential Designer flooring and Contrasting Wall Panel…

These new design items came right out of this years interior Home Show! Two tone interior wall panel New 2015 EC designer flooringThis new flooring was the #1 chosen flooring for this years show and the latest trend in residential home design are contrasting walls. So it only makes sense that Eagle Cap being known for “Built Like None Other” would not follow but lead the truck camper industry once again by adding these latest trends! Not to mention they are Beautiful!

Upgrade – New Taller Bath Sky Lights…

Full roof deeper shower skylightYou taller folks are always asking for more headroom and all of you are asking for more light and roominess in your bathrooms, well one feature that our engineering team made happen was to find a new manufacturer to make us a custom taller bathroom skylight, adding 4″ more height, adding more light and creating a roomier feel in the new 2015 Eagle Cap baths.

Upgrade – Larger Battery Boxes…Eagle Cap's Larger battery box

The technologies are changing and prices are coming down for some of them. One of them is 6 Volt Batteries and we have received more and more requests for larger battery boxes so customers can add 6 volt batteries so this year during our ground up review we found some additional room to make this happen. So for 2015 we have enlarged all battery boxes on all models. A welcome customer recommended request… You ask and we listen!

Eagle Cap Detachable power cord outletNew – Exterior Detachable Power Cord…

Sometimes when a customer request is implemented we find unexpected benefits, that was the case with this next new item for 2015. Eagle Cap has added a detachable exterior power cord on all models for 2015! this new feature ends the frustrating stuffing of the power cord into a small compartment and the added bonus was the few additional inches to help in accommodating the above upgrade… I guess sometimes a complete ground up review benefits in ways you don’t imagine! Keep sending in your requests and ideas because you help us be better!

New – Winegard Digital HD  – Concealed Interior Mount TV Antenna…Flat panel Digital HD TV Antenna

Less holes in the roof and better reception can be a great thing right? Well we have found a gem of a new item for the “Next Generation” Eagle Cap in a simple little thing like a TV antenna! We now have added as a “standard Feature” our new TV antenna. It is an interior/concealed mounted antenna and the best news is it gets 1000% better reception in our testing! Simply put our previous TV antenna inside of our metal R&D building would only receive three very fussy weak channels that you wouldn’t want to watch. This new flat panel TV Antenna in our testing received 32 crystal clear digital over the air channels, in the same building and the antenna was mounted inside of the camper, in fact in testing we even stuffed it completely under the mattress and we still received all 32 channels. Best of all as you can see here it can be totally mounted behind a wall, concealed and no more holes and one less items on the roof. Talk about weight reduction it only weights 3/4 of a pound saving over 7+ pound over the old antenna.   WOW, what a find engineering team!

Systens Control CenterNew – Systems Control Center…

Switches, monitors and control’s all over your camper can be frustrating… so in our ground up re-design of the 2015 Eagle Cap we centralized all of these items into our new Systems Control Center where now you have your battery and tank monitors, HW switch, Porch light switch and water pump switch all in one easy access control center, nice new feature on the 2015 Eagle Caps.

Upgrade – “Bull nose” Grabber Catches on all Drawers and Doors…Bull Nose Grabber catches

Nothing more frustrating than drawers and doors that open while traveling! We tested this on our upper cabinet doors last year but his year on the new “Next Generation” Eagle Cap we have added them on all drawers and doors… a nice standard feature for Eagle Cap!

Smart tile photoNew – Smart Tile Back Splash…

Today’s High end camper buyer is into styling and all of the latest looks and features. One of the trends in residential kitchens today are in tile back splashes but in a truck camper weight is always a concern and you have to balance that trade off. Well our engineering design team found another outstanding supplier that build a product called Smart Tiles, which give you the high end tile appearance without the weight… and as you can see here it really takes the “Next Generation” Eagle Cap for  2015 to a whole new level this year!

Re-designed 850 Floor Plan…

If you are doing a ground up review of your product line, you don’t touch your best sellers right? No that is not our thinking at Eagle Cap… If it is good how can we make it better is our thinking. Well that was our thought on the Eagle Cap 850 our #1 seller since Eagle Cap had begun three manufacturers ago. So what could we change, it already had the most interior storage with its over sized pantry, it fit SB or LB trucks, it had the largest wet bath in the industry, it already had the 7 cu ft refer and a dinette slide so what else could we do to this tried and true floorplan? Well the only thing possible to add was a “full wall” slide adding even more additional inside room, so for 2015 the 850 will feature all of the above changes, upgrades plus the addition of a full wall slide! At the time of this up date we don’t even have an updated floorplan to publish… but stay tuned to our website as we will add it as soon as we get it finalized!

New – Floor Plan 960 with California King Bed…2015 960 Eagle Cap Floor plan

Well like all of the above changes, upgrades and features were not enough, Eagle Cap will debut  our new floor plan called the 960 later this year in November. It was actually designed with many of the above features in mind and was intended to be out on the market late last year but we just quite frankly ran short on engineering time, so it was moved back to this years debut.  In the mean time many of it’s features and more were added into the new “Next Generation” Eagle Caps. This new model will feature a Truck Camper industry first the “California King 72″x84″ Bed” featured last year in our sister product line Adventurer. We were asked for this many times by Eagle Cap customers so this year you will see the all new Eagle Cap 960 with this new and exciting bedroom configuration, along with all of the many new features listed above! We think you will agree that Eagle Cap is still “BUILT LIKE NONE OTHER”!