2020 Eagle Cap – Major Innovational Changes and a Completely New Look Inside & Out making Eagle Cap the Best, #1 Luxury Truck Camper on the Market…

2020 is probably the most innovative advancement to the Eagle Cap product line ever… Last year’s Adventurer 901SB Limited Edition 50th Anniversary model spawned many of these changes.  Read below for all of the 2020 Eagle Cap new features, changes, upgrades and innovations… Even our Logo has changed reflecting our new motto “If you are not moving forward you’re going backward” 2020 Eagle Cap is definitely moving forward!

Model Year Changes

2020 Eagle Cap New Color & Graphics

  1. Eagle Cap Model year changes
    1. All Models –All New Exterior Color & Graphics – 2020 Eagle Caps will feature a new Grey exterior color and a two-toned Grey Front Cap. We will post current photos online once we have them available. The new graphic rendition (right) is included for your reference. All exterior accessories will be black to accent this new look…
    2. All Models – All New Interiors and Color Groups – See photo (lower right) as reference. All 2020  Eagle Caps feature all new interiors from M.B. Designs, with new wood, wall board and flooring colors. The two new interior décor choices, Toffee Latte – Brown tone with Chamois Faux Leather furniture and cushions and Steel Desert which is the Grey tone featuring Dark Grey Faux Leather furniture and cushions. All Models – Feature Automotive Style plush/padded Faux leather with “highlight” stitching giving a new rich look to our 2020 Eagle Cap camper interiors.
    3. All Models – New upgraded jacks – All 2020 Eagle Caps will be equipped with the all new Wireless Remote Happijac 4820 Vertical motor electric jacks in black with the new black wire access port.
    4. All Models – New LED Track lighting with Dimmers – We have changed the interior light package to LED Track Lighting with dimmers. These give Eagle Caps a new modern look not seen in any other truck camper! The new Track lighting will have dimmers so you can dim the lighting in the living room, the galley and the bedroom as needed not to mention better overall lighting.
    5. All Models – New Cooktop design – Our special negotiated partnership with Dometic has paid off in spades… Not only are we able to feature all Dometic appliances throughout Eagle Cap for 2020 but we are able to offer upgraded appliances like the high end Dometic Cooktop with the residential style cast iron grate. This new partnership and Dometic appliance package is the best we have ever offered from a style, features, quality and service standpoint.
    6. All Models – New Range Hood/Vent – All 2020 Eagle Caps models will now be built with the new High End Furrion range hood/vent which features better LED lighting and venting along with that higher end luxury look.
    7. All Models – New Matching door/cabinet inserts – This change was born out of M.B. Design’s new Eagle Cap interior they designed for 2020. The new galley overhead cabinet inserts now match the refrigerator door panel insert maximizing their new modern look for 2020.
    8. All Models – New Mattress – The all new Double Density Foam mattress is not only more comfortable but when covered with M.B. Design’s new designer fabric it really completes their new interior design, look and feel.
    9. All Models – Happijac ‘s New ball bearing, lightweight metal basement storage tray – This is the new tray we had designed for the 901SB and it will now be standard on all models. The 1160, 1165 and 1200 will be on the long side of the basement storage section providing dual style storage in your basement storage area.
    10. All Models New Low Profile Domed Dual TV/Radio antenna, dome design for a cleaner look and this one antenna provides digital signal reception for both TV & radio while providing a low profile design.
    11. All Models New design entry door – Featuring Tinted Frameless window with built in shade and color coordinated screen door and interior door color.
    12. EC 811 – Bumper Change – Super Step and Comfort Step bumper upgrade, Super Step and Comfort Step Bumpers are now powder coated in non-skid black to match the new black accessories for 2020.
    13. EC 811 – Camper Caddy color change – Camper Caddy is now Black adding to the new interior design.
    14. EC 811 – New PJ cabinet style – The PJ cabinets have been upgraded to the new modern look and style accenting the new M.B Design interior.

We will provide photos to this page as new units start to come off line and we get new photos taken, so stay tuned…






************* LAST YEARS MODEL YEAR (2019) CHANGES *************

2019 Eagle Cap Changes

New – Additional solar panel option saving you money when adding more than one solar panel

New – “Digi Level” Tank monitor – Precision-probe-less tank monitoring system2017 EC Digi Level monitor 2







1200 – New – Add shelving/cabinet behind toilet in bath for more storage

              Change – Changing depth of Sofa Seating so it will fit into the rear slide on the 1200 (Theater       seating still will not fit in the rear slide of the 1200)

 1160, 1165, 1200 – New Bedroom TV – 28” replacing the obsolete 24” TV


2017 1160 & 1165 pantry closet & Drawer (1)2017 1160 & 1165 pantry closet & Drawer (2)1160 & 1165 – New – entry door wardrobe now comes standard with adjustable shelves so you can use this wardrobe as a pantry or for hanging garmentsgarments as the hanging rack is still installed, now you can use it either way. The lower door is now a pull out drawer making more storage and easier access.

  Eagle Cap Built Like None Other!