Eagle Cap Luxury Truck Camper Bedrooms & Bathrooms

Eagle Cap Bedrooms – Kings, Queens with Comfort, Style

2017 EC1165 Bedroom 007

1160/1165 Queen Bedroom Suite

and Storage… 

The elegance, class and beauty shine through in our layout of the Eagle Cap bedrooms, with the large mirrored double door wardrobe storage, elegant hardwood cabinets. The mirrored wardrobe is standard in the 960, 1160 and 1165 floorplans. Eagle Cap Bedrooms come standard with an inner coil spring pillow top mattress providing you with a better more comfortable nights rest.




Eagle Cap 1200 California King Master Suite with under bed storage…

1200 King Bedroom Suite (2)

1200 California King Bed Suite

Eagle Cap 1200 has a 72″ x 84″ California King Master Suite with dual side hall access so you can easily access your bedroom from either side of your camper with ease. With the above rails floor design it is only 26″ from the floor to your bedroom area, this is like sitting down on your bed at home, no climbing into your bed like traditional campers. Another great feature is the large

under bed storage, you can organize this space however you want, use plastic storage tubs to organize your items or leave it open for long items like fishing poles or storage for your rifles etc. With this underbed storage you also have a

1200 King Bedroom Suite (22)

1200 underbed storage

layer of security as it is not easily noticeable.










Eagle Cap 850 Queen Master Suite…

2017 EC850 Bedroom JPEG (2)

2017 – 850 Queen Bedroom Suite

The Eagle Cap 850 has a large spacious Queen Bedroom Suite with all kinds of wide open space, dual windows for cross ventilation and ample bedroom storage.







 Bathrooms – Eagle Cap has large wet baths and beautiful dry baths…

With Eagle Cap you can choose a floorplan with a beautiful roomy dry bath with a separate
shower, ample storage like you see here (1160/1165 below) models or one of our floorplans with the largest wet bath in the industry (850 below right), either way you will enjoy all of the comforts of home. Note all Eagle Cap campers have one-piece fiberglass shower stalls… no plastic trays or surrounds here! Eagle Cap “Built Like None Other”!


2017 EC1165 Dry Bath 05

1160/1165 Dry Bath

2017 EC1165 Dry Bath 03

1160/1165 Tub/Shower

2017 EC850 Bedroom JPEG

850 Wet Bath

Note: Photos may not be of current model year unless otherwise noted. See Interior Decor & Features page for current model year Decor’s.