NEW 2017 Ford Super Duty fit notification.

Notice to all Adventurer, Eagle Cap Dealers, Owners and service centers; As you may or may not know, Ford has come out with a new 2017 Super Duty (F-250, F-350 & F-450) truck this year with some incredible new features that are perfect for truck camper owners like increased payloads, stability control etc. to mention a few. With any new complete body change there are always questions, will existing campers fit? If not, what modifications are needed?

After loading every camper we manufacture on the new 2017 Ford Super Duty pickup, we are glad to announce, all of our campers fit the new Ford Super Duty trucks with minimal modifications.

To see these needed modifications please click on this letter sent out to all dealers on 11/9/16 which details what models are affected and the detailed changes needed to fit this new 2017 Ford Super Duty. Note: This letter outlines any changes needed on existing units built and/or delivered prior to 11/7/16, all units delivered and/or manufactured after this date to have been modified to fit these new trucks prior to shipment.