Adventurer 2019 Model Year changes

Discontinued Models – 86SBS is discontinued for 2019

All Models – Continue with the same interior color groups for 2019. – We hired Interior designers last year to design our new 2018 interior décors which have been so well received we are carrying them through to our 2019 models 1. Carbon – Brown/Black tone 2. Bark – Brown/Tan tone 3. Chestnut – Light Tan/Chamois tone w/SL (simulated leather) base.

2019 Chestnut Decor

2019 Carbon Decor

2019 Bark Decor








All Models – New upgraded electric jacks – New 4200 Happijac electric jacks, higher capacity 2200 lb rated, field serviceable, reduced noise and more robust reliability. N/A on the 116DS, still uses the 4800’s (right)


All Models with tail lightsNew Oval design LED tail light, newer design and look (below)







All rear entry models Optional Comfort Step bumper upgrade, Comfort Step Bumpers

now has two way steps treads, meaning when you fold the step up in travel position it is now finished off as a flat step plate on both sides. N/A 80GS, 80RB, 80S





All Models New Jensen Stereo option (right), JWM70A has many new upgrades and features like app controllable, HDMI connectivity, front 1 amp USB charge port and clock with alarm/sleep timer to name a few.

All Models 12V/USB charging station, (Left) in bedrooms.






All Models 50th anniversary decal will be added to all units. (right)

All models except 80’s New Roof Mount Digital TV/Radio Antenna, Omni directional dome design with no adjustment or directional tuning needed. (left)

All Models except 80 models Heki skylight option is now standard  – all Adventurer models except the 80 GS, 80RB and 80S where it is N/A.

86FB & 89RB – Oven upgrade becomes standard for 2019.

80S – Added a door to the wardrobe cabinet.


80GS, 80RB & 80S – New Folding assist handle, for easier/safer access on these models.  (below)


910DB – New Stainless Steel vanity bowl sink, replacing white plastic. (left)








******* LAST YEARS MODEL YEAR (2018) CHANGES *******

Adventurer 2018 Model Year changes

All Models – New “Interior Designer” interiors and Galley backsplash – We hired Interior designers this year and they have come up with three new interior décors 1. Carbon – Brown/Black tone 2. Bark – Brown/Tan tone 3. Chestnut – Light Tan/Chamois tone w/SL (simulated leather) base. They have also added a new designer backsplash to complement the new interiors…

2018 Chestnut Decor

2018 Carbon Decor

2018 Bark Decor








All Models – New Low profile A/C – Dometic Penguin II HE which will now run with a 2000 portable generator. (left)

All Models – New Magnetic Exterior baggage door catches No more plastic catches or two hands need to open your doors. Now easier opening and holding open your exterior baggage compartment doors. (below)

All Models – Full Extension “Soft Closing” drawer glides with magnetic catches – Smoother operation with self closing feature. When combined with our new magnetic catches it helps keep your drawers closed during travel and if by chance they do pull open the self closing feature allows them to close and latch again on their own. (below)

All Models – Upgraded Brushed Nickel Fixtures and cabinet hardware –Providing an even richer look this year… (below)






910DB – Upgraded Brushed Nickel Fixtures – in the Bathroom and shower – The new brushed nickel faucets, shower valve, head and hose really add classy new look on this model.

All Slide-out Models – New Awning slide toppers, wider along with a new anti-billowing feature keeping awning toppers tightly closed during travel. (right)

80GS – New one piece fiberglass shower base – Replacing last year plastic shower pan, a very nice upgrade. (below)






ALP Exclusive – 116DS – New Laptop/Dining Swing-away tables – These new custom designed swing away tables are a great addition to our already popular industry leading Theater Seating recliner option. They swing out of the way to get in and out of your recliners, allowing you to easily set in your recliners work on your laptop, eat dinner, play solitary, or read a book all in the comfort of your recliners. Now with this new feature your recliners are BETTER THAN HOME….









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