Adventurer Truck Campers use high quality durable fabrics to create pleasing décors that are functional and rugged, yet contemporary and easy to care for. These professional designer chosen fabrics coordinate beautifully with selected high quality wall coverings, galley and bath surfaces, flooring and solid glazed maple cabinet doors and drawer fronts to create 3 popular interior décor groups.

2017 86FB Dinette H-RES

86FB Dream Dinette

2017 80RB Dinette H-RES 3

80RB Dinette/Sofa

2018 Interior Decor Fabric

2018 Carbon Cushions

2018 Carbon Interior Decor

Bark Interior cushions

2018 Bark Interior Decor

2018 Chestnut Photo coming soon

Carbon Bedroom Decor

2018 Carbon Interior Decor – Bedroom

Bark Bedroom Interior

2018 Bark Interior Decor – Bedroom

2018 Chestnut BR photo coming soon






(86SBS) The optional Fold Down Bunk 

The 86SBS Optional Fold Down Bunk allows additional sleeping accommodations with plenty of headroom and access to the large opening dinette window for easy ventilation. The effortless fold-down/up feature is easy to use and store when not needed. Comfort for the kids for a quick nap or a full-nights rest!



(910DB) The optional In-Slide 26″x76″ Power Bunk

910DB Power Bunk Option

910DB Power Bunk up position

The Power Bunk Option available on the 910DB model was designed to offer an adult sized bunk with its 26″ x 76″ size and 300lb capacity rating makes this bunk plenty large and strong enough for adult use and that much stronger and safer for kid use. This Adventurer Exclusive feature is not found in any other truck camper! Best of all is its ease of use…  just simply push the button to lower or raise it up to neatly store out of the way when

910DB Power Bunk

910DB Power Bunk down position

not needed. This option is so well designed you can leave the dinette left made up to use in the morning while the bunk is still in use… or make the dinette down into yet another bed large double bed.

Note: Photos may not be of current model year unless otherwise noted.