ALP Exclusive – TCC (True Composite Construction)


Framing an Adventurer Truck Camper is a craft in itself. All materials are pre-cut and hand assembled to provide a tighter, stronger fit. See feature descriptions of each number below.


3 Year WarrantyAll Adventurer products are warranted to be free of defects in materials or workmanship for 36 months from date of delivery to the original purchaser and will be repaired or replaced, within this period, at the discretion of the manufacturer at approved service centers.Any component carrying its own guarantee shall be covered under the conditions and terms of its manufacturer. This warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, accident, alteration, improper maintenance or rental. Contact your dealer for details.


1 Our composite fiberglass walls are constructed by laminating a welded aluminum tube or wood frame between an outer high gloss fiberglass shell and an inner laminated panel. The void created by these two panels is filled with closed cell block foam insulation.

2 All units use flush-frame safety glass radius windows with gusseted corners. Dark tinted gas filled thermopane windows are standard on most models, provide greater insulation, privacy and reduce UV rays keeping the interior at a comfortable temperature.

3 The heated enclosed holding tank area is insulated with reflectix. Heat ducts in the holding tank area ensure a warm area when the furnace is in operation, leaving the zone warm & dry at all times.

4 A sturdy powder coated aluminum ladder provides easy access to the roof. (standard most models)

5 Generous exterior storage space.

6 Tie-down brackets are bolted to the main wall and wing wall for  extra reinforcement and strength.

7 Our front jacks are completely bolted through the wall corners to achieve a strong and stable platform when the camper is not on the truck.

8 The Happi-Jac® new generation camper jack system continues our tradition of quality manufacturing. Providing over 34”of lift, the Happi-Jac® screw/acme jacks safely raises and lowers the camper with ease, ensuring optimum efficiency and performance, while enhancing the look of your camper. The unique concave footpad design reduces movement and offers improved stability over convex footpads.

9 Stylish graphics enhance the look of all Adventurer Truck Campers and coordinate with today’s popular truck colors.

10 All external walls are insulated with high density closed cell block foam for all-weather 4-season insulation, sound dampening and structural strength.

11 Large emergency egress window.

12 Floor on overhead bed is TCC® constructed and insulated for maximum strength and comfort.

13 At Adventurer we order our own exterior fiberglass to exact specifications to ensure our products are always up to our high standards. We use only the best building materials, from aluminum tubing to quality solid wood cabinet doors; absolutely no particle board is used.

14 A fully framed composite panel roof is fully load bearing and walkable. A one-piece TPO roof membrane with a 12-year limited warranty is tightly sealed, fully bonded, insulated and is standard.

15 Full front high gloss gelcoat fiberglass nose wraps are standard on all Adventurer TCC® constructed campers, making them more aerodynamic and use automotive styling to complement today’s popular trucks.


  1. Solid Foam Core
  2. High-Gloss Fiberglass Outer Shell
  3. Wood Frame
  4. Inside Wall Surface
  5. Exterior Substrate

Wood framed TCC® is used on all non-slide models.


  1. Solid Foam Core
  2. Lumber Core
  3. Aluminum Tube Frame
  4. High-Gloss Fiberglass Outer Shell
  5. Inside Wall Surface
  6. Exterior Substrate

Aluminum framed TCC® is used on all slide-out models.