Around the World: Canada

mg_3345We started our trip in Abbotsford, B.C. on July 20th. A bit tired because of the long flight from Amsterdam the day before and the time difference, we went to Fraserway to pick up the truckcamper we bought. We only saw pictures and descriptions on the internet and had telephonecalls and sent e-mails with Fraserway, but we never saw the unit for real, so we were really excited.


Our 80SK turned out to be the perfect solution for us for the trip we planned. We are Marc (44), Anja (42), Youri (3) and Michelle (10 months) and we live in the Netherlands. We love to travel and we did that a lot before we had kids. Now it is our dream to travel around the world with the children. The plan is to travel through North America and for about 3.5 months, then ship the car and camperunit to Australia, meanwhile go to Hawaii and Fiji, then pick up the car again in Sydney and travel through Australia for about 7 months. We want to do this with a vehicle that is not too big, preferably a 4×4 and that we are allowed to drive, with our Dutch drivers license. We spent months searching the internet and trying to contact dealers and factories to look for something that meets our wishes. We found what we are looking for at Fraserway and they also recommended a reliable Ford’s dealer, for the truck we need.

So now we are here and ready to start this adventure. At Fraserway they helped us to put the unit on the Ford 150 that we bought and they explain everything about the unit. While we are waiting, Youri enjoys himself with the carton animals that are normally used as decoration. After everything has been taken care of, we can really start our journey! We pack our stuff in the camper and go shopping for all the things we need.

Our first stop is not so far. We go to Harrison to stay there a day to get organized and enjoy the lake and the beautiful weather. From there we travel north along the Fraser canyon and the gold rush trail. We camp at beautiful lakes and the scenery is marvelous. Some campgrounds are a bit off the normal road and we have to go on steep, windy gravel roads to get there. Luckily that’s no problem for our truck camper. The kids love it.
Youri has great fun playing in the water, rowing in a boat with his father and he has his first campfire. Michelle is smiling all day and she really gets a suntan. She seems to be very content and has no problems to adjust to a life as world traveler. But hey, her diapers are the same as at home and the babyfood is just a different brand. It is amazing what you can store in a camper like this. We even bought a bike for Youri. In Holland everybody rides a bike, so he really misses that.

After Prince George we go west to Prince Rupert. Here we go whale watching. Once we get there, we see a group killer whales swimming around. They are such impressive animals. The guide just wants to head back for Prince Rupert, when we suddenly see a blow close by. A humpback! This is even more exciting than the killer whales. We enjoy the rest of the day in Prince Rupert. We meet nice people on the campground.

From Prince Rupert we go to highway 37, further North. Suddenly we see a black bear on the side of the road. It has two cubs and soon disappears in the woods. We are heading for Stewart and this must be our lucky day, because on hwy 37a there is another black bear in the middle of the road. Stewart and Hyder used to be small mining towns and now they try to attract some tourism. Stewart is a small friendly town, there doesn’t seem to be too many people around. The next day we go back to Hyder to this viewing platform near a creek where bears often come to fish for salmon. We saw a grizzly bear having dinner right in front of us. It looks like we are in the middle of a National Geograpic documentary. I never expected to see something like this for real….. Even Michelle seems to look at the bear. And Youri finds it all very impressive. From the bear viewing platform the road succeeds for 20 kilometers to a beautiful glacier. The road climbs up into the mountains and there is no fence on the side. On the side of the road you look down for meters. It is very steep here. But the truckcamper is doing great. We feel very secure. When we are finally there, we can enjoy the magnificent view on Salmon Glacier.

We are heading for Jasper National Park now and from there we will go to Edmonton, Calgary and then further into Saskatchewan. In Jasper the weather changes and we got some rain. Until now we mostly lived outside, but we now have breakfast inside the camper. Marc is making pancakes while Youri and Michelle sit at the table. This all goes very well. There is enough room for all of us and it is very cozy. The only thing is that Michelle is trying to eat the pancakes from Youri’s plate…. We enjoy Jasper and the surroundings and again see two black bears! The weather changes again and we got our sun back. After a few days of hiking and picnicking we go further in the direction of Edmonton.