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We were toasty warm with no water freezing due to your design.

We purchased a new 2017 EC 1200 in October of 2016. Love it . just spent 4 days at Mt. Hood snow skiing with it. it was as low as 6 degrees overnight. Only expected cold weather propane freeze up that was easily managed and we used a lot of it. We were toasty warm with no water freezing due to your design. All systems functioned as they should. Thank you for your quality product.


The last night it got down to 18 below and the camper did fine.

I also wanted to mention we really appreciate the support that you and Jay at Five Star have given us with both our 960 and 1200.  We really enjoy the extra room in the 1200.  We recently returned from a moose camera hunting trip to northern Colorado to try and get some shots of moose in the snow.   We found plenty of moose and snow.  Got about 4 inches on top of 1 to 2 feet already there.  Temperatures were high teens and low twenties daytime and low single digits at night.  The last night it got down to 18 below and the camper did fine.  We were not winterized but kept the furnace going the whole time the camper was set up. (I do have 2 inches of insulation between the camper and truck bed).   Had a great time except packing up at 18 below.  Our camp was in State Forest State Park south of Walden Colorado, in the Bow Mountains which are northwest of Rocky Mountain National Park.  Elevation was just over 8000 feet.  Beautiful country.  We enjoyed the solitude that winter offers.


We feel that your product is one of the best!

We are totally happy with our camper and feel that your product is one of the best! We have rv’d for years in several different bumper pulls and this is our first overhead so thanks again for making a great product!

Your products are top of the line in my opinion.

Good afternoon Jim, I just wanted to let you know I bought a new leftover 2016 Eagle Cap 995 from Dave at D&H in Apex. He is a great guy and very helpful in getting me into what I wanted, I love this layout. Sorry to see it’s not being manufactured any more the dry bath and the counter/storage space sold me and the quality of components used in this RV is top of the line. I picked it up about a month ago. I was in the RV business for over 35 yrs and owned my own dealership on Long Island, in NY. So I know just a “little” about quality, having sold both Holiday Rambler full line and Newmar fifth wheels. Your products are top of the line in my opinion and your floor plan layouts are cutting edge.  I just wanted to commend the entire staff at D&H from closing to walk through to delivery all top notch!!

Thank you,
Bob “very satisfied new owner”

Congratulations on Winning Truck Camper of the Year!

Congratulations to both of you and all the team at Adventurer & Eagle Cap on winning the Truck Camper of the Year Award.   The 89RBS looks like a winner. It’s a model we plan to sell a lot of.  Thanks for your continued innovation and for consistently delivering quality campers customers are excited to buy.

Kevin Jones

We were so impressed with the company’s customer service.

We recently drove our truck with Adventurer 80GS camper to Washington and visited the Adventurer/Eagle Cap Factory.  We had several issues that needed to be addressed with our 80GS plus we had an appointment for a factory tour.

We were so impressed with the company’s customer service.  We did not have an appointment and just showed up there in the middle of the week.  Brad Boyle went beyond the call of duty to address all of our concerns and then some.  Because we were able to leave the camper for a few days, everything was fixed in addition to some “extra” things.  Nowadays it is hard to get that kind of customer service so again, we were very pleased.

We were also impressed with the factory tour given by Jim DeBord.  He did a great job of explaining all the different aspects of building the campers and we got to see a lot of hands on procedures.  We could appreciate the quality and construction.

And, thanks to the time that Brad and Jim spent with us answering our questions, we subsequently have ordered a new Eagle Cap 850!

Again, what an impressive company.

Richard & Shirley

Adventurer is a great camper.

Thank You for responding. Adventurer is a great camper. I coached a fishing friend to buy an Adventurer truck camper when he upgraded from his Arctic Fox. He drives a 3500, and he purchased the 910DB, and loves it, and the quality. Me driving a half ton Ram am limited for weight. The 80RB surpasses any other camper model out there in its class. I had an 80GS. The quality and looks to me can’t be compared. I took a hard look at Lance, but Adventurer is just a beautiful truck camper that has a lot of appeal. I fish Bass Competitively. In my Bass club 4 of us have campers. 3 of us have adventurer so that’s saying a lot for the quality.


Thank you so much for the recent tour of the factory, we learned so much about our 80RB.

Thank you so much for the recent tour of the factory.  We learned so much about our 80RB.  We are so impressed with it we wrote an article for one of the camper magazines. We upgraded to a bigger truck after I wrote the article because, after the tour, my wife saw other ALP models she wants to move up to.  Thank you once again for such a great product and staff.

Mike and Karen

Thank You, for the exceptional customer service that you extended to us!

I’m sending this note to Thank You, for the exceptional customer service that you extended to us!

Brad, we appreciate that you took our calls, shared your valuable time, knowledge & expertise & seemed to have a genuine interest in solving our query.

With any product, in any industry, there is inevitably some issue.  We expect that, yet we also hope for/expect to receive courtesy & help after service if/when necessary.  It is how queries are handled after market, that show the true nature of a company & (because of your service), yours is among the top few!

Customer service has been lost nowadays.  Yet, you & some of your team members are among the rare few that deserve to be recognized!  It is also  because of your outstanding service (& product by the way), that we continue to  recommend your campers & will even look at purchasing another of your products/campers if/when we decide to buy new again!

Brad your company makes, in my opinion THE BEST TRUCK CAMPER ON THE MARKET TODAY!…we have had many R.V’s & have viewed an abundance of truck campers critically!  We’ve hashed over a variety of campers for over 2 years before making our decision, by dissecting them in every way possible…Adventurer products with the storage & drawers galore, accessibility to areas needed, beautiful cabinetry/decor, large baths, large fridge, ext. deck & comfort steps ETC!!!   Maury was looking for a camper to fit our short box truck, yet meet all of my criteria too etc!

We got it, because you have it!  I’ll close for now, stating that Adventurer is blessed to have you on staff, as you are an excellent ambassador for the company & your help is extremely appreciated.

Thank you again.  We wish You & Adventurer continued success.

Regards & wishes for a pleasant day/evening.

Sharon (& Maury)

22 consecutive days in our camper…

We are in Glacier National Park’s Apgar Campground  during our recent 23 day excursion in our Adventurer 86FB.   We covered nearly 3500 miles and slept 22 consecutive days in our camper – and Robin and I still talk and love the camper!   Lots of sites, hikes, and fishing – Great time! Alan & Robin

 Larry Csonka – 116DS NFL Hall of Fame Testimonial

We chose the Adventurer 116DS for its size which includes two slideouts, a California king bed and two theater recliners.  It has the space we need for Alaska-style adventures but is the lightest camper in its class.  We get a lot of looks too.  “When people approach me at gas stations and campgrounds I think they’re wanting to talk about the Dolphins or football in general when, in fact, they really want to talk about my camper”!

Larry Csonka & Audrey Bradshaw
NFL Hall of Fame
Producers of “North to Alaska” TV series

You’ve lived up to your company’s first class reputation

We bought our camper in June 2014 and have travelled about 6000 miles with it. We have been very impressed with its spaciousness and comfort. We take extended RV trips for several months at a time and find this camper to be more comfortable than the Class “C” it replaced.

Following is an account of our experience of having warranty work done:

In March of 2015 we noticed the side slide had peeled up some vinyl flooring under the fridge. We sent an email to the factory in Yakima WA describing the problem and they responded the same day asking for more information. We then sent some photos of the floor and the slide from the exterior and they immediately replied that they would begin to work on a solution. We were in Death Valley at the time and said we could stop at the Yakima factory on our way back home in Western Washington, to which they agreed.

At the factory they not only fixed the major problem by installing an extra roller under the slide and repairing the floor, but they took care of less significant things like replacing the bathroom sink because it had glue stains on it, and replacing the edge molding on the kitchen cabinets that had started to lift. They also found some issues that we were not aware of, and resolved those on the spot. When the repairs took more than one day to complete, they put us up at the Marriott for the night.  The next day when we picked it up we found a beautifully detailed camper that was not only “good as new” but “better than new” since they had replaced some things with the newer (improved) 2015 parts.

We could not have been more pleased with the attitude, service, and expertise of all the ALP employees we dealt with, and are very impressed with how they honor their warranty commitments.

Thank you Brad, Jose’, Bernie, and Jeff. You’ve lived up to your company’s first class reputation and it was a pleasure dealing with you.

Roland and Rose Mary

 You stand out in the world  of manufacturers…

In our search for our Pickup camper we are blessed with God’s guidance in each step of the way. In your statement regarding the enjoyment of traveling and enjoying the wonder of God’s creation we appreciate your “witness” in words. Your campers stand out in all the searching and comparison shopping we have done. Thanks for your company, you stand out in the world  of manufacturers, in all areas.
Ken and Peggy 

 You guys are doing things right… 

Your campers really stand out from the crowd with all the innovative features, floor plans, and options. U shaped dinettes, king beds, rear kitchens, etc. have drawn us to your brand as well as the construction and warranty. I wish I had a dually so I could get the 1165 model. A kitchen island in a camper, seriously.  You guys are doing things right.
Thank you again,


 The craftsmanship, engineering, and quality of this camper is top-notch – much better than the competition…

We purchased our Adventurer in July 2013 from Barber RV in Ventura, and have now camped nearly 50 nights in it, including a recent 13-day trip to explore the northern CA coast.  I cannot say enough good things about this camper!  It has everything you need, arranged in a well-thought-out floor plan, and is very comfy for two people.  We have always been a camping family and prior to this had a large tent trailer and a travel trailer.  Now that the kids have grown up and are out on their own, this camper is the perfect rig for us!  The craftsmanship, engineering, and quality of this camper is top-notch – much better than the competition – and if you can drive a 3/4 ton pick-up truck you can maneuver this rig with no problems. Keep up the good work!

Al & Robin

Information on your Website helped me make a confident decision vs other brands…

Just letting you know I purchased an Adventurer 910DB from Fraserway on Saturday. I found the information on your website very thorough which helped me make a confident decision vs other brands.

I was Impressed with the Engineering but mostly with the Attitude of Adventurer…

“Greg, Thank you for the factory tour. I was impressed with the engineers but mostly with the attitude of Adventurer to design in and provide the wants of your customers. This perception is outstanding. To me if you continue to do that, and still make a good profit, Adventurer is bound to grow and prosper.

Again thank you, Northwood did not want to take the time to provide a factory tour. You can imagine my opinion of Northwood! Congratulations to you and Adventurer on the results of the recent poll of readers of Truck Camper Magazine. Please send my note to your supervisor, I believe you are doing an outstanding job for Adventurer.”


 The videos are great and these campers look like the best that’s on the market.


 We just felt that ALP is building a superior product

“We love the camper so far, I especially like the basement (for tools and fishing gear). The Comfort Step is fantastic and really helped make the decision for us. It is mostly Lance country here in California and you don’t see a lot of Adventurer’s on the road. We just felt that ALP is building a superior product for the price and more suited to our needs. I can’t wait to show it off on our camping trips! The 86FB has an excellent floor plan, we like the separation between the overhead bunk and the kitchen/dinette area provided by the mid-bath location. It really makes it a 2-room camper.”

Thanks, Ron,
Scotts Valley, CA

The tour helped cement our decision to purchase a 2015 Eagle Cap 1165

“We are writing to thank you for the great factory tour you gave us late on a Friday afternoon October 3.  The tour helped cement our decision to purchase a 2015 Eagle Cap 1165.  We were impressed with virtually every step of the design and build process.  We look forward to using the camper on many adventures.”

Bruce & Barb

 Have been enjoying our new 80RB.  It has been excellent…

“I’ve had to do little things to make the wet shower more friendly, and improve the strength of the table top mounting, but all in all we are more pleased than we expected.  We’ve used it in Yellowstone, Oregon Coast, and Lake Powell so far.  Many more places to go yet this year.  Struggled between the Lance and the 80RB, but glad we went with the 80 RB when we were in a campground next to a new Lance and the people there had to pull out after only a couple days because of a several water leaks that they couldn’t find, but were pouring water onto the camper floor.  It was their second trip to a dealer in one month for a significant problem.  No such problems with the 80RB at this point.” Harry

 It is this close interaction that solidifies my reason why I made the right choice choosing  Adventurer.

“I have been waiting and comparing all different makes and floor plans of many different truck campers. Settling on this make and model has been the culmination of about a year. I don’t want to be the reason something goes wrong or doesn’t work. Dan at Polar RV Sales has been great as well as yourself. It is this close interaction that solidifies my reason why I made the right choice choosing Adventurer as my next camper. Again Thank You.”

Tom O.

We cant wait to pick up our new 995!

“Thanks Greg. We cant wait to pick up our new 995! Moving out of our Lance and looking forward to it.”


I was impressed with the info I got off your website!

“I don’t normally answer emails like this but I was impressed with the info I got off your website. I am just starting to look at options for a new/newer RV and I thought your website was super useful.”

Thanks Dan

When this one wears out IF IT DOES it will be another Adventurer that is for sure!

Outstanding Customer Support!

“I just have to give a comment about  the fast response to any questions I fire your way. Outstanding customer support.

I have a Adventure 980 RDS Just outstanding layout and storage in this camper.

Love this camper it is by far the best I have owned and that has been three others i have owned.

When this one wears out IF IT DOES it will be another Adventure that is for sure.

Any troubles I have had was addressed in a very short time.”

Mel M.

The coldest we have had our camper out  was -18 f

“This is about our experiences with our 2010 810ws that we bought new from RnR RV in liberty lake Washington. We have been very happy with our camper since day one. We are in the small percentage of owners who use our camper year round and for as much as we do, with myself and my wife working full time we still managed to use our camper for 70 nights in 2013. To be able to do that means we use our camper all year long, in fact, we enjoy using our camper even more during the off season. The coldest we have had our camper out and being used was thanksgiving 2010, it was -18 f,  for a low that thanksgiving; did we have any issues? Nope. The heater did run a lot but we slept great in the camper, sure beat sleeping on the floor in my mothers house for the holidays.

During the summertime we have the same pleasurable experiences with our camper. We have never been too hot or too cold, we have been very impressed with how well the camper is insulated against the elements.

One of the things we really enjoy about this camper is the interior height of the cab over, I am a tall person and I am able to sit up straight in the cab over and drink my morning coffee. that is something I can not do in many other campers.

Heading towards four years into heavy use of our camper and i still give it AA+ rating.

I do like the direction Adventurer has gone and I wish you the very best.

When its time for me to buy again, Adventurer will be the one I look at.

If you wish to see our adventures with our Adventurer camper check out my blog. www.thetclife.com

Once again, thank you for a camper that has given us so many great times with many more to come.”

Rich Bain – the tc life

I shout  Adventurer praises all the time.

“Good morning, I just wanted you to know how much we are enjoying our 116Ds Adventurer camper. Once the refrigerator was fixed we have been on many short trips. I love the camper, it’s truly a home away from home. My husband and I are both in our 70’s and really enjoy camping. We are planning a long trip this spring. Meanwhile , we are going to see grand kids in San Diego, to the beach and to the mountains and lakes of southern Ca .Even went to Sedona National Park.  Thanks again for all of your help in getting our refrigerator fixed. I shout  Adventurer praises all the time. Our camper has had many people looking at it, we always invite them in for a tour.”


It’s definitely the best camper we’ve ever owned

“Our current camper is a 2012 Adventurer 910FBS.  It’s a 9’10” model with a single slide (our first slide-out camper), and we just love it!  It’s definitely the best camper we’ve ever owned so far, with a floor plan that’s airy and spacious; two words that usually don’t apply to truck campers.  It certainly has every amenity that we need.  In fact it has more than we need.  From the generous wet bath, to the large U-shaped dinette, to the ample storage, the 910FBS makes for a great base of operations for our many uses of an RV.”

Bruce and Kathy

Trust us after this one wears out , we will be getting a new one, great camper!

“Just spend 9 days in our new adventurer camper, trust us after this one wears out , we will be getting a new one, great camper, thank you Adventurer”

Bruce & Debbe
Longview, WA

Thanks  so much for your informative website and the great video’s.

“Again, thank you so much for your informative website and the great videos that you’ve posted to YouTube.”

Vicki and Chuck
Pleasant Garden, NC

Thanks for all the support and answering my questions.

“Congratulations men very nice camper. Can not wait to get mine. Selling like hotcakes. Thanks for all the support and answering my questions.”


From Fifth Wheel to Slide In –
This couples experiences in their new Adventurer 86FB

After much anticipation and a little frustration, we have finally taken our first excursion in our new Adventurer 86FB.  This was just an overnight, close to home to give us a chance to familiarize ourselves with the rig – get things set up the way we want them and just see how it is to go from a huge fifth wheel to a slide in.

A little about us – we are both in our early 50’s and have been camping for many years – in everything from tents, van conversions, Class A and travel trailer and then onto our fifth wheel.  Now the fifth wheel is more of a house in the woods than camping – what with four slides and two fireplaces.  Could we go from that monster down to an 8.5 ft slide in camper and still be “comfortable”?  In just a few words, you bet!  The reason for this purchase is to explore the country in comfort but not have the cumbersome set up and take down of our fifth wheel.  We are amateur photographers and look for opportunities wherever we go.

Now just a little more about our camper.  The Adventurer/Eagle Cap Campers are sister companies and the Adventurer is made in Yakima Washington.  We expect to get up there one of these days and take a tour.   We did a great deal of research before determining that the Adventurer 86FB was a good match for us.  While less expensive than other brands it has loads of standard features – plus many extras that are very desired.   Less expensive does not mean thrown together – this is a well thought out unit and it shows.

While this rig is certainly not our fifth wheel – it has many of the same features and more.  Ok, there is no fireplace, but where would you put one anyway?  This unit is fully self contained and with generator and air conditioning, a huge refrigerator for a camper this size – much larger than all the other campers we looked at before deciding on Adventurer for our new travels.  The wet bath is just that – there is even a special toilet paper holder to keep your TP dry.  What is also impressive is the amount of care taken by the factory to not leave wires and other things exposed as we had seen on other models.  Are there things I would do differently?  I think a few and I will bring those up later.  There is a nicely sized dinette with a new style drop down table made in the great old USA of course!  Love the shoe storage under the dinette.   Add to the mix a queen size bed, a mirrored wardrobe and a great Stereo, TV and DVD player from Jensen.  The TV I will admit has not yet been used, but we will use it on one of those cold and rainy nights in the future with a bowl of popcorn from that microwave I mentioned earlier.  The Adventurer can be ordered with just a cook top and microwave or you can also add the oven.    The model we have has the oven and we tested out my fabulous biscuits and gravy and it worked without a hitch.  Speaking of hitches… well not a hitch per say, but the step bumper on this unit is a beauty.  It is great for setting down the groceries and then loading up the rig. The generator started quickly and easily powered the microwave so I could have warm milk for my coffee in the morning.

What would I change?  I would add a self closing screen door, a place to hang your keys, maybe a pop up counter top extension and the most needed item is another step up into the sleeping areas.  I am not a tall person and getting into the sleeping area is a bit of a challenge for me.  Even if the step was on the left of the main step up it would be a great improvement.  Adjustable shelving in the cabinets would be good to have – I will be adding some wire ones to get the most of my storage.

So our first trip out was to a local campground operated by Washoe County.  Just south of Reno, Nevada on US 395 you take the Bowers Mansion exit and head south to Davis Creek.  Situated in the tree line below Slide Mountain, there is not a great amount of room for really large rigs – but those 30 feet and under should have no issues in the RV Sites.  This nice little campground has 62 sites and as of this writing is only $20 per night – all dry camping, but they have fire rings so you can roast a marshmallow and tell stories by the fire.  One couple nearby took their boys out on a camping scavenger hunt!  Now when I say dry camping I mean no water at individual sites, no electric and hot showers can be had by using a coin operated system.  So save that change when you go through Reno for the showers!  They do have a pay dump site as well before you leave the park.  I cannot express how pleased we were that this campground is so clean and well maintained.  Bring your own firewood – they do have firewood for sale by the main gate, but we wanted to be prepared in case they had run out.  We are members of a large organized camping chain which has let us down greatly in the past few years, so this place was a real treat.  The grounds and restroom facilities as well as picnic and pond were well kept.  The hiking trails were loads of fun too.  We took our cameras and explored the Discovery Trail and will have to go back when we are in better shape to do the almost 8 mile hike and 3400 foot elevation change on the Ophir Trail.  The views from the top of that trail are breathtaking – and not just from the altitude of 8600 feet!

Now the set up at the campsite was pretty darn easy – they are a little sloped as this place gets more than its fair share of snow in the winter and the slope allows for easier run off with less damage to the sites.  We used our sturdy locking blocks on one side of our truck and easily leveled it with our remote Happy Jacks.  In no time at all we were setting up our chairs and putting out our electric awning.  The awning is also another great feature on this model – easy to use, it will even release on one corner if it accumulates too much rain water!

We had an ice cold beverage in our hand within just a few minutes.  Folks walking by commented on our beautiful new rig.  Even the Park Ranger remarked how nice looking it was.  The Jensen stereo sounded great on the outdoor speakers while we cooked dinner on our BBQ and while we enjoyed our evening campfire.

As I write this the weather is getting ready to turn soon and the lovely Aspens will change colors and create a gorgeous color palette for all to see.  We can’t wait to get out there again and explore this wonderful country of ours and take some additional photos to share.

Till then,

Laurie and JP
The Cruisin Campers

“My camper was always comfortable no matter the weather”!

“When I got home from my trip to Yakima, I intended to write and let you know how much my Uncle and I enjoyed  the tour of your factory on May 23.  I found your business card today, so better late than never!

You were a great host and I came away with a greater appreciation for my 2002 Adventurer camper.  I was impressed with the thoroughness of the tour and found the new technologies Adventurer is incorporating into their campers very impressive.  I’ve always known that my Adventurer was a good camper, and now I have more of an understanding as to some of the reasons why.  In fact, yesterday I got home from a fishing trip to the eastern High Sierras where the first night was cold, and by the last night, it was quite warm.  My camper was always comfortable no matter the weather!

Thank you again for taking time out of your day to show us around your factory.  All the best and future success with the Eagle line.”

R. Jackson

Well, we have done it! 

“We will be picking up our new 86FB this weekend from Sutten in Eugene.  Our fifth wheel is just too large for weekend jaunts.  My husband and I are amateur photographers and this will give us the chance to go to remote locations and catch the best light and still have many of the comforts of home, we can’t wait to send off some photos for you.  I have already started to write snippets about our new Adventurer and have been posted at a site on the web – I will most likely keep posting there…… I am going to our Campground Group annual meeting on the Sunday before Labor day so I must really take notes of the reactions from the various folks.  These are people who are serious about the recreational units they chose  – some even have a summer and winter unit.  We hope to see you one day for a tour of the facility.”

Laurie and JP