Eagle Cap – Built Like None other! – As example our 2014 TCM Readers Choice “Innovation of the year” award winning Modular Furniture…


The dinette seating is modular in design, meaning the standard Dream Dinette® sections are designed to be removed (n/a 811, 1200), replaced and/or optioned with any of our other industry first and exclusive features like a Sofa Bed or our Theater Seating Recliners. All of these features are built to the same dimensions making them completely interchangeable… Only in an Eagle Cap can you have a set of Theater Seating Recliners with dinning/laptop Swing/Away tables in a single slide truck camper. Want something other than that in your dinette area? Order without the dinette and add whatever aftermarket item you wish, desk, bunk beds you name it! EAGLE CAP’s engineering and innovation shine through… There is a reason it was voted by TCM Readers as best Innovation of the Year… it is a Must See!

Modular Dinette Choices

n/a 811 & 1200

Dream Dinette EC960 Denim Decor

Sofa/Bed – Denim Decor

Theater Seating Recliners w/Table

 Industry Leading – One Piece Fiberglass Front Cap Design…

850 Mountain sunset

2017 Frt Cap seal closeup

3M Extreme Seal Closeup

Eagle Cap Truck Campers are known for their “High End” industry leading luxury features such as our one-piece fiberglass front caps. Eagle Cap engineers designed our front caps  to provide more contoured aerodynamic design and featuring Eagle Cap exclusive two-tone gel coat finish, giving your Eagle Cap luxury truck camper a bolder look! These new designer fiberglass caps are engineered to fit perfectly to the contour of the camper providing a perfect match to the TCC aluminum frame construction providing a tight secure fit to the camper. 3M Extreme Sealing Tape Logo

All attachment screws are then covered with “3M Extreme Seal”® tape providing  a second to none front cap seal as you can see above.


LED Lights Equals Longer Battery Life, More Camping Time & More Fun! (right)

Standard on Eagle Cap (optional or n/a on other brands) With the standard exterior & interior LED’s in an Eagle Cap you have a camper with the least power draw in the industry, giving you longer camping ability and longer battery life.


Phat Ladder (below) Standard on Eagle Cap 

(optional or not available on other brands) 

Phat Ladder (optional)

Phat Ladder

Stronger, sturdier, more durable and longer lasting..

Simply the best in the industry!







Another Eagle Cap Standard feature – Frameless Thermopane Windows …

When you build the Best Luxury Truck Camper with the best insulation you don’t stop at the windows… Eagle Caps have the High End frameless windows like you only see on high end Motorcoaches and 5th wheels. Not only are they beautiful but they are insulated thermopane providing you the highest R-Value in a truck camper window! Plus they are jalousie style, giving you that ability to open them in raining conditions, still get air flow and not let any water in your unit!

Another Eagle Cap Industry First 12v ELECTRIC REAR AWNING
 with LED lights. (optional)


Power Awning -LED lighting night view lifestyles H-RES

Light up your Camping Experience with our beautiful Electric LED Rear Awning

Enjoy the outdoors with Eagle Cap’s (optional) electric rear awning with built in LED awning lights, giving you a beautiful ambiance for your evening camping experience… With just a touch of a button you can open or close your awning, no more need for two people and with the built-in gas props it handles rainy and windy conditions reducing your typical cause of awning damage. Note the patio box awnings also shown above as another popular option available from Eagle Cap and mountable on either side.


Roof Rack System (Maggie Rack) With Cross Bars

Roof Rack System (Maggie Rack) With Cross Bars

Roof Rack System (Maggie Rack)  With Crossbars (Optional)

Take all the toys with you, kayaks and canoes or add any of the major rack manufactures accessories for additional storage, ski’s, cargo cubes etc.





BU Camera interior monitoring system (1)

Wireless Backup Camera w/ Color Monitor (optional) 

Our wireless backup camera with color monitor gives you the ability see behind your camper when traveling, backing up or take the wireless monitor out of your truck and take it inside your camper to view the area at the rear of your camper while inside camping… Great convienence and safety option!

BU Camera interior monitoring system (5)







 Abundant Basement Storage (below)

Fishing gear, water skis and other bulky items are no problem with the huge motorhome style cargo bay (1) on the 1160, 1165 & 1200. Note the standard basement storage tray on the Eagle Cap rear entry models (2), tray varies by model.


1160/1165/1200 Basement Storage Bay (1)

Rear Entry Ext basement storage

Rear Entry Models Basement Storage (2)

Water Filter System with separate faucet (optional)

Clean filtered drinking water… “Don’t Drink the Water” no longer a worry with the optional water filter system on all Eagle Caps Models.


Elegance, Class, Luxury, Safety and Industry First or Exclusive Features… Eagle Cap Built Like None Other!




Dual T-Stat & Digi-Monitor systems

Residential Style Digital Dual Thermostat standard on Eagle Cap (n/a on other brands)

One Thermostat to control both the Low Profile A/C & 30,000 BTU furnace… one control does it all!

Dual T-Stat & “Digi-Level” tank monitoring system,

Digi-Monitor Tank sensors

standard on all Eagle Caps. No probes in the tanks to catch debri and give false readings. Digi-Level system comes with a nice easy to read LED

display  monitor (left) system for easy reading of your tank and battery readings, along with convenient access to your commonly used switches like HW heater, Water Pump, entry and porch lights, all in one convenient location…



Low Profile Coleman Mach 8 ACEagle Cap 13,500 (HE high efficiency) Low-Profile A/C 

See the difference between a standard A/C (in the distance) and the  Eagle Cap 13,500 (HE high efficiency) Low-Profile A/C in this photo, significantly reducing your exterior height



RV/Marine Electronics – 19”, 28″ & 32” LED 12v TV’s & AM/FM/CD/DVD/HDMI/Bluetooth/App Controllable Stereo

Bluetooth Stereo standard on all models, now you just pair your phone, MP3 player or IPod and play your favorite music through your stereo system. Outside at the campsite and want to change a song just grab your device and make the change! WATCH TV anywhere with our RV/Marine grade LCD 12v TV’s meaning you don’t need an inverter or generator to watch your TV,  you just simply turn it on and runs off of your 12v battery power from your camper! Both TV & Stereo components are manufactured by Jensen and designed specifically for the Marine/RV Industry, these quality components are designed to handle hard bumps, knocks and are reliable even in moist environments. 32” TV available only in 1160/1165/1200 only

28″ LED 12 Volt TV 811, bedroom on 1160, 1165, 1200 / shown here in the 811

32″ LED 12 Volt TV 1160,1165,1200 / shown here in the 1200

The Elegance of Eagle Cap Shines through with Mood Lighting…

NEW – 2019 – Exterior Mood/Service LED lighting (right) for that elegant touch of ambiance at the campsite plus it come in very handy to use when loading and unloading your camper. Interior Mood lighting (right) is a nice feature in Eagle Cap Luxury Truck Campers, giving you an elegant comfortable ambience that makes it hard to believe you are in a truck camper… Eagle Cap, Luxury  Truck Campers…



1165 Front to Rear View W/Entry Mood Lighting

EC Mood lighting

Entry / Mood lighting closeup

LED Exterior Service/Mood Lighting

Solar Panels & Generators (Optional)

With Eagle Cap luxury truck campers the optional power choices are abundant! Eagle Cap offers pre-wiring for Solar Panels that can support up to 300 watts of solar power. You can order one 100 watt solar panel that comes with the controller and you can option for up to two additional solar panels for a total solar capacity of 300 watts all from the factory. Want more power? Eagle Cap features Cummins/Onan Generators, this option can give you fully self contained power that is fueled from your on board propane tanks and is available with the inside start button… talk about off the Grid or emergency preparedness!


Solar Panel



Heki Bedroom Skylight (standard on Eagle Cap – optional or n/a on other brands)

Day or night, enjoy the view from inside or on your roof top with this popular standard feature. Note the pleated full closure screen and the fabric shade for complete closure and for additional insulation when needed.

2015 EC1165 Heki (10) Heki Skylight


Schwintek Slide Schwintek Slide Mechanisms…

Schwintek slide rail close-upThe new steel shafts have really made the Schwintek slide mechanism stronger and more reliable than ever and are the perfect slide mechanism for the industry leading Eagle Cap. This slide mechanism provides a smoother operation, less power draw, weight reduction, better slide seal system and allows for a lower distance to floors for better seating comfort in dinettes, sofa and our optional Theater Seating.


12V / USB Charging Center…

USB/12v charging centerThe world is changing, we have more electronics, gadgets and toys and you have requested the ability to have a charging center in your camper, well we listened, by adding a Charging Center featuring not just a 12v power outlet but it also includes an additional USB port for charging USB direct.




Eagle Cap Truck Camper Industry First – Slam Latches on all Exterior Compartment doors…

Slam Latches rear of EC 1165

Slam Latches Eagle Cap Truck CampersEagle Cap truck campers introduced the all new “Slam Latches” to the truck camper industry… it’s name says it all, drop the door and it “slams” shut and latches, or you can simply gently press it shut for an easy one handed closure. The best part of slam latches is the ease of opening. Simply lift up the single lever handle with one hand and open your compartment door. This makes it easier to load and unload leaving one hand open to carry your items without having to set them down to open the door. Another great feature is single keyed lock so it is easier to lock and unlock and best of all it is not the standard 751 key all Rv’ers have so your cargo is more secure. Check them out at your local dealer.


Exterior Detachable Power Cord…

30 Amp Det cord & connection (2)Eagle Cap has a detachable exterior power cord on all models. This feature ends the frustrating stuffing of the power cord into a small compartment.






Note: Photos may not be of current model year unless otherwise noted. See Interior Decor & Features page for current model year Decor’s.