2020 86FB

2020 86FB



Our product design and engineering philosophy is “If you are not moving forward you’re going backward” This year is probably the most innovative advancement to the Adventurer product line ever… Last year’s 901SB Limited Edition 50th Anniversary model spawned many of these changes. Read below for all of the new 2020 Adventurer Next-Generation features, changes, upgrades and innovations… Even our Logo has changed reflecting our “Next-Generation” innovations & upgrades! We want to thank our many customers and dealers for all of their suggestions, recommendations which have assisted in the development of our Next-Generation Adventurer product


2020 Model Year Changes

1. New Floorplan – The 901SB floorplan is moving into the standard 2020 Adventurer model lineup. This model will now carry all standard 2020 Adventurer features with one exception; the 901 will still be built with aluminum framing featured and carried over from the “Limited Edition” built last year in celebration of our 50th Anniversary.

2. Adventurer Model year changes

a. All Models – ALL New Exterior Colors & graphics – 2020 Next-Generation Adventurers will feature a new two tone Grey/White exterior combination featuring a new Grey Nose, sleeper floor, front tee-wall, basement risers and back wall. We will post photos online once we have them available. See the new graphic rendition to the right. Many exterior accessories will be black to accent this new look…

2020 Adventurer NG Ext – Frt

2020 Adventurer 80RB & 86FB our #1 and #2 sellers

2020 Adventurer 80RB & 86FB our #1 and #2 sellers

2020 Adventurer NG Ext – Back

​b. All Models – All New Interiors and Color Groups – All 2020 Next-Generation Adventurers will feature all new interiors with new wood, wall board and flooring. The two new interior décor choices, Canvas – Brown tone with fabric/fabric dinette cushions and Dark Night which is the Grey tone featuring Faux leather dinette seat base and a fabric back. Both interior décor were designed by our outside interior designers who designed the 901SB for us last year (sample board right). They did an excellent job with these two new interiors for 2020. We believe this new Next-Generation interiors are our best ever…

Canvas Decor

80RB Sofa Canvas Decor

Dark Night Decor

80RB Sofa Dark Night Decor

c. All Models – New Designer “highlight” stitched dinette cushions – All 2020 Next-Generation Adventurer dinette cushions will now have the different color accent stitching giving a new rich look to our 2020 Adventurer camper interiors.

d. All Models – New upgraded jacks – All 2020 Next-Generation Adventurers will be equipped with the all new Happijac design jacks. The electric option will feature the vertical motor design Happijac designed and we debuted last year on the 901SB. Electric jacks are still optional on all models.

2020 86FB Galley

2020 86FB Galley

e. All Models – New interior LED lighting – We have changed the interior light package to a new light similar to the ones we used in Eagle Cap last year. These will give the Next-Generation Adventurers a new modern upgraded look, not to mention better lighting.

f. All Models – New Cooktop design – Our special negotiated partnership with Dometic has paid off in spades… Not only are we able to feature all Dometic appliances throughout the Next Generation Adventurer but we are able to offer upgraded appliances like the high end Dometic Cooktop with the residential style cast iron grate. This new partnership and Dometic appliance package is the best we have ever offered from a style, features, quality and service standpoint.
g. All Models – New Refrigerator doors – This change not only eliminates the need to replace an entire door if dinged or dented but allows us to add matching accent panels to match the galley backsplash and the new overhead cabinet door inserts completing our new modern look.
h. All Models – Replacing carpet under dinette – We are now adding the same flooring under the dinette in place of the carpet used in the past and replacing the carpeted step to the bedroom with the solid step top. This change will provide that new modern high end look of the “Next-Generation Adventurer” plus eliminates the cleaning issues of carpet in a camper that many customers have requested.
i. All Models – New Mattress – Upgraded Double Density foam mattress. This new designer fabric covered mattress is not only more comfortable but by being manufactured with a designer fabric cover giving a great look while eliminates the need for a bedspread… Bedspread is now discontinued for 2020.
j. All Models – New Range Hood/Vent – All 2020 Next-Generation Adventurers models will now be built with the new High End Furrion range hood/vent which features better LED lighting and venting along with that higher end look.
k. All Models (except 80RB) – New Hengs Moon Roof – This new Moon Roof replaces the Heki Skylight from last year. It features a screen and shade closure and it also has a stronger latch system with parts readily available in the US.
l. All Models (except 80RB) – New ball bearing, metal basement storage tray – This is the new tray debuted on the 901SB and it will now be standard on all basement models 86FB, 89RB, 901SB, 89RBS & 910DB.
m. All Models (except 80RB) – Diamond Plate in Gen Ready boxes – All models with Gen Ready option, the compartment will now have a diamond plate liner replacing the galvanized can that was included with this option in the past.
n. All Models (except 80RB) – New Domed Dual TV/Radio antenna, dome design for a cleaner look and this one antenna provides digital signal reception for both TV & radio.
o. All models (except 80RB) – Comfort Step bumper, Comfort Step Bumpers are now powder coated in non-skid black to match the new black accessories for 2020.
p. 80RB – New Cooktop – The 80RB now has an upgraded two burner drop in cooktop with the new residential cast iron grate giving the new 80RB a new higher end look and functionality. (See photo right).

q. 80RB – Phat Ladder upgrade – The 80RB continues to be upgraded and more balanced to the main Adventurer line up by adding the “Phat” ladder upgrade replacing the standard small diameter ladder from past years.

r. 80RB – Dinette table modifications – The dinette table has been shortened to make it easier to get into the sofa when the table is set up as a dinette, additionally the arm rests have been made narrower to allow more sitting room in the sofa/dinette.

3. Option changes – Below are the changes to the Adventurer options for 2020
a. RVIA code tag is now standard – RVIA Code Tag is now a standard feature. It is noted in standard features as “RVIA Code Compliant” and the cost is in the base price now.

b. 80RB – Camper Caddy is now Standard – The camper Caddy is now a standard feature and is listed on each price and model standard features sheets and the cost is in the base price now.
c. 89RBS & 910DB Models – Awning slide toppers are now standard – Awning slide toppers are now standard and are listed on each price and standard features sheets and the cost is in the base price now.
4. Discontinued Models – 80GS, 80S & 116DS are discontinued. The two 80 models will be replaced by our new line of Adventurer campers coming out midsummer (read below). The 116DS will be redesigned or replaced by an all new floorplan later this year. We are always looking for better turns for our dealer partners.







******* LAST YEARS MODEL YEAR (2019) CHANGES *******

Adventurer 2019 Model Year changes

Discontinued Models – 86SBS is discontinued for 2019

All Models – Continue with the same interior color groups for 2019. – We hired Interior designers last year to design our new 2018 interior décors which have been so well received we are carrying them through to our 2019 models 1. Carbon – Brown/Black tone 2. Bark – Brown/Tan tone 3. Chestnut – Light Tan/Chamois tone w/SL (simulated leather) base.

2019 Chestnut Decor

2019 Carbon Decor

2019 Bark Decor








All Models – New upgraded electric jacks – New 4200 Happijac electric jacks, higher capacity 2200 lb rated, field serviceable, reduced noise and more robust reliability. N/A on the 116DS, still uses the 4800’s (right)


All Models with tail lightsNew Oval design LED tail light, newer design and look (below)







All rear entry models Optional Comfort Step bumper upgrade, Comfort Step Bumpers

now has two way steps treads, meaning when you fold the step up in travel position it is now finished off as a flat step plate on both sides. N/A 80GS, 80RB, 80S





All Models New Jensen Stereo option (right), JWM70A has many new upgrades and features like app controllable, HDMI connectivity, front 1 amp USB charge port and clock with alarm/sleep timer to name a few.

All Models 12V/USB charging station, (Left) in bedrooms.






All Models 50th anniversary decal will be added to all units. (right)

All models except 80’s New Roof Mount Digital TV/Radio Antenna, Omni directional dome design with no adjustment or directional tuning needed. (left)

All Models except 80 models Heki skylight option is now standard  – all Adventurer models except the 80 GS, 80RB and 80S where it is N/A.

86FB & 89RB – Oven upgrade becomes standard for 2019.

80S – Added a door to the wardrobe cabinet.


80GS, 80RB & 80S – New Folding assist handle, for easier/safer access on these models.  (below)


910DB – New Stainless Steel vanity bowl sink, replacing white plastic. (left)











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