ALP Exclusive – TCC (True Composite Construction)

Framing an Adventurer Truck Camper is a craft in itself. All materials are pre-cut and hand assembled to provide a tighter, stronger fit. See feature descriptions of each number below.                   





  1. Closed Cell Block Foam Insulation *
  2. High-Gloss Fiberglass Exterior
  3. Wood Frame *
  4. Inside Wall Surface
  5. Exterior Luan *

Wood/Aluminum combination TCC® is used on 80GS, 80RB, 80S, 86FB, 89RB

* 100% coated in Hot Glue

  1. Closed Cell Block Foam Insulation *
  2. Lumber Core insert
  3. Aluminum Frame *
  4. High-Gloss Fiberglass Exterior
  5. Inside Wall Surface
  6. Exterior Luan *

 Aluminum framed TCC® is used on 89RBS, 910DB, 116DS

* 100% coated in Hot Glue

“We’re never satisfied until Good is Better… and Better is Best”! – Erdman Epp – Founder       

BEST BONDING SYSTEM! – All components are bonded in our proprietary TCC® process where all components are bathed/coated in Reactive Hot Melt Glue then bonded/pressed together to make our Tru-Composite structure used in Adventurer Truck Campers!

3 Year Warranty


 All Adventurer products are warranted to be free of structural defects in materials or workmanship for 36 months from date of delivery. If any structural component we manufacture fails it will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of the manufacturer at our factory or any approved service centers. Any component carrying its own warranty shall be covered under the conditions and terms of its manufacturer. This warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, accident, alteration or improper maintenance.

BEST FRAMING – Utilizing the best materials in the correct places for the Strongest Truck Camper

BEST WOOD FRAMING – We use only the finest lumber from the Northwest in our wood framed campers 80GS and 80RB.  We utilize a hybrid of wood & aluminum in our construction on our 80S, 86FB and 89RB. BEST INSULATION –

Adventurer exclusively uses “Closed Cell” block foam insulation which provides more R-Value per inch than standard foam board. This is the same foam used to manufacturer coffee cups… 1/8″ cup, 160 degree coffee and never hot to the touch and it also does not allow liquid penetration. Then when you coat the entire surface with Reactive Hot Melt glue, you can see how Adventurer gives our owners the Best Insulation!


BEST ALUMINUM FRAMING – 2×4 & 2×2 Aircraft quality welded aluminum framing with lumber core insert for superior strength and structural integrity! Aluminum framing for a camper with a slideout needs more structural integrity… that is why an Adventurer slide model has 2×2 and 2×4 aluminum framing welded together to give you that strong structural support for that large slide opening and inside of the aluminum we add the lumber core for a solid anchor point when attaching the walls and roof together… Good, Better, Best!

“Closed Cell” block foam being cut to size


Adventurer frames and adds gussets around all windows, entry and baggage doors! Windows and doors securely attached to a solid structure, not just a foam wall with no framing!

BEST TIE-DOWN BRACKETS – Adventurer feels tie-downs are a critical construction area, that is why we use galvanized tie-down brackets bolted through our TCC laminated wing, through angle aluminum with large carriage bolts and body washers giving our Adventurer owners the Best tie-down attachments in the industry!
BEST WALL SUPPORT – An Adventurer Exclusive uses “Custom Aluminum Extrusions” creating a solid side wall attachment point that cradles the side wall with full support and then the wall is glued with construction adhesive,  clamped and lag screwed together giving our owners the Best Side Wall Construction!